Well, if you came to this particular part of my site, you're either interested in the classes that I have taken and will be taking or you made the terrible mistake of coming here as you really could care less about my academic life. For those people who fall in the latter category here's a quick chance to go back to my main welcome page without having to read any further.


Welcome to finding out more about my classes. Instead of just telling you what classes I have taken, I have also included my thoughts on them as well. The reviews of these classes that follow within this set of pages are the sole opinion of Chris Chin (me!) and they do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, beliefs, and values of any people that have been involved with the courses in any capacity. The best way to actually get an idea of a course is to take it yourself, but, if you wish, please use this as one of many other resources in deciding your schedule. Please be aware that instructors and syllabi change from year to year and the information provided here may not coincide with current course information. Please also note that if there is not a link to a course, I have as of yet to write my thoughts on it. Now after that lengthy disclaimer, Here are the courses I have taken:


Fall 1994 Spring 1995
Chemistry 207 Chemistry 208
Math 122 Biology 102
German 121 Biology 104
English 145 Philosophy 241
German 122
Sociology 100


Fall 1995 Spring 1996
Chemistry 357 Chemistry 358
Psychology 101 German 123
Biology MI 290 Women's Studies 206
Biology NB 221 Biology NB 222
Psychology 277 Biology & Society 206
Chemistry 251


Fall 1996 Spring 1997
ARME 310 Biology GD 282
HSS 246 Philosophy 286
Women Studies 285 Anthropology 208
Biology AP 214 Biology & Society 347
HDFS 467


Fall 1997 Spring 1998
PAM 383 History 273
Anthropology 200 Biology NB 322
Biology 207 PAM 205
PAM 350 NS 247
S&TS 494

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