My London Trip


        From May 24th to May 29th, I took a little trip out to London, England for a long deserved vacation across the Atlantic Ocean.  I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in London, wandering the streets and the Underground by day and sleeping in a hostel near St. Pancras and Kings Cross Stations by night.  I spent the first two days with my penpal, Sarah C., and the rest of the time either wandering alone or with fellow hostellers.  During the course of my trip, I shot eight rolls of film.  What follows are a small selection of the copious pictures of my travels in and around this lovely city.  Please click each thumbnail image for the larger image with captions.  

Picture of Me and Sarah St. Paul's Cathedral Beefeater Tour Tower of London
Me and Tower Bridge Sarah and Tower Bridge Me and a Fake Whale Natural History Museum Hall
My Hostel View from my Hostel Horse Guard Westminster Abbey
Westminster Tube Sign Paddington Station Parliament from London Eye Parliament by Sunset
Tate Britain Changing of the Guard Me and Buckingham Palace Speakers Corner
Trafalgar Square Big Ben Tower Bridge Tate Modern

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2001 Christopher Chin