This is a picture of Mary Donlon Hall, where I lived in the first 2 years at Cornell. Click on link to see another incarnation of Donlon.

Currently, a great number of my friends still live in Mary Donlon Hall and I still visit there quite a bit, so this is why I'm still talking about my old dorm (in case you were wondering why I'm such a freak).

On Friday nights, Joshua (pronounced Josh-schwa or just "schwa") Wiley runs what is known as the Friday Night 3. Originally a concept conceived by former Donlon resident and RA Roy Delgado, it's a movie night generally consisting of 3 movies centered on a particular theme. Previous Friday Night Threes have consisted of Star Wars, Tom Cruise night (Rain Man, A Few Good Men, Top Gun), Messed up movie night (Heathers, A Clockwork Orange, Pump Up the Volume), and ZAZ night (Top Secret, Naked Gun, Airplane). Basically if you can get three movies together centered around a central theme, you have a Friday Night 3. If you have any suggestions (even if you can't see them at Donlon, but we would like suggestions anyway), feel free to e-mail me (see the bottom of this page) and I'll relay them to Josh.

(Now for the boring nostalgic crap about living in my dorm): In my freshman year at Cornell, I lived in room 520. It was a nice room with circuit breaker that never tripped (see how boring this is going to get? You might want to just skip this paragraph). My roommate for the first semester was Craig Nathan. He was a sophomore at the time and he was also my live-in CIT consultant. Craig ran linux on his computer and lovingly gave me an account on amber (his machine) and I really appreciated it. He left for Germany, which was unfortunate for me and some other people, so I got a new roommate, Joe Turk. Joe was a person I really wish I got to know a little bit more. We didn't really talk as we were both on different schedules but we never got into any arguments, which was very nice. In my sophomore year (when will the torture end, the reader thinks :), I moved to room 545, which was actually part of a set of 3 rooms (543 and 544 were the other 2 rooms) that form a quad in Donlon. I had 3 roommates this time and they all stayed for the entire year. I lived with Dave Roxe, Barclay Hershey, and Paul Riley that year. I knew Dave and Barclay from freshman year, but Paul was the random freshman who ended up stuck with us. That's about all I want to talk about Donlon (yea, he stopped) in this manner, if you want more information (for stalking purposes and the like), e-mail me.

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